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 Consumer Protection Association in Taiwan (CPAT)
Mission Statement
CPAT is dedicated to advancing the consumer interest, status, and awareness of consumers through marketing survey, lecture tours, advocacy, and cross-regional partnerships.
 Origins and Objectives
Officially founded on October 2, 1994 and based in Kaohsiung City, Consumer Protection Association in Taiwan (CPAT) is a non-profit, non-governmental civil organization. Its objectives are toprotect consumer rights and interests, to enhance consumer status, and to promote “consumer awareness” education. The original designation, when first founded, was Consumer Protection Association in Republic of China. However, it was later changed to the current CPAT in March 2003 due to the same name being simultaneously in use by two different associations. Since then, the CPAT, a substitute name ratified by the Ministry of the Interior, has set for a new milestone for a consumer rights movement.
        Through dedicated efforts, the CPAT has become one of the two nationally-acclaimed consumer advocacy associations accorded a rating of excellence by Taiwan’s Executive Yuan. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the CPAT is eligible to take on assignments of groups of 20 or more consumers and may bring litigation in court, providing more consumer services in scope as well as in depth.
Development and Achievements      
CPAT is an independent non-profit, non-governmental, civil association. For more than two decades, CPAT has committed, without fanfare, to developing an environment where consumer rights and interests can be upheld and practices of fair trading can be scrutinized. As a matter of course, CPAT has become a spokesperson for upholding justice for consumers who are powerless, and, very often, victimized in the trading process. In order to maintain a wider and safer consuming environment, CPAT has actively participated in government-related activities including the enacting and revision of laws and regulations on consumer rights and interests. In recognition of its achievements and credits, has been accorded (a ten-time award winner consecutively) a rating of “EXCELLENCE” for the past two decades. The rating has proved a positive affirmation of CPAT’s work, motivating the CPAT to shoulder more responsibilities for the protection of consumers, weak or vulnerable, as a “mission impossible.”
Functions and Services of CPAT
 Group-assigned litigations have become one of the main achievements of CPAT. Since CPAT is one of the two nationally-recognized consumer advocacy associations that have a rating of excellence conferred by the Executive Yuan, it is eligible to take on assignments of group litigation cases. Previous notable cases in terms of time sequence include litigation taken against President Corp (adulterated cooking oil), four companies Cheng-yi, Chiang-kuan, Ting-sin, and Pei-hai (ill-intentioned adulterated cooking oil), three cram schools (Hsue-chen, Welsh English School and Tutor Well School), and against Su-cheng Chiu Yoga Studio). These litigation cases showcase the CPAT’s relentless commitment to uphold and safeguard the consumer interest, health, and social justice. Besides group-assigned litigations for consumers, CPAT carries on a variety of pivotal services:
* Counseling: we provide consumers with counseling through various communication channels such as Website’s Q & A, Email inquiry, phone inquiry, letter inquiry, and the face-on-face, on-site counseling
* Legal consultation and complaints-filing: we help consumers with complaints-filing processes, and volunteer lawyers with a spirit of public good provide weekly face-to-face free legal consultations
* The consumer interest safeguards: for higher profile cases, we organize such mechanisms as press releases, press conference, and group-assigned litigations to safeguard the consumer interest of a considerable scope
*Education:we raise the consumer awareness through education through various media such as television, networks, newspapers, the CPAT-issued bimonthly periodicals, and formal lecturing courses
*Promotional opportunities and activities: we disseminate consumer information or education by hostinghighly-publicized festive events or joining and publicizing government-initiated special case events
*Fact sheets and investigation: we raise public safety issues and initiate food safety investigations for the consumer health and sanitation
*Go organic and eco-friendly environment:we conduct pesticides tests and field tests for eco-friendly environment, promoting “Go Organic” market platforms
*Others: we are available across Taiwan to provide the services of mediation, deliberation, consultation, commissioner-serving, drafting or revising standard contracts, participating in public hearings, and disseminating on social network platforms cases of malpractices for consumer protection
Organization, Leadership, and Staff
Since early 2019, sponsored by the Board of Directors and Supervisors as well as many activists in social justice, CPAT has continued to dedicate itself to upholding and enhancing consumer rights and interests on a variety of issues. Currently, the Board is composed of 20 directors and supervisors, and has, within its association, a group of more than 60 professionals from different fields to serve as commissioners. For running a day-to-day administration routine and other mission-related programs, CPAT now has a staff of 8, in addition to dozens of committed volunteers. The key members are:
President Grace Yang
The Board of Directors
Secretary General Yi Ching Chen
Deputy Secretary Shu-chin Hsu
Executive Director Bang-han Hsu

Contact Us
Address: 6F-2, No. 355, Bao-Tai Rd., Chien-Cheng District, Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan
Tel.: (07) 970-0726                    Fax: (07) 970-0675                    Website: www.cpat.org.tw
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